Finally Shooting Outdoors - 4/18/2017

Weather finally broke enough to get outside to shoot soccer. Was able to get out and shoot the Walled Lake Northern girls soccer game versus Walled Lake Western. The Lady Knights won the game 4-0. Great game by the Lady Knight's! Their offense was very tough on the Lady Warriors, they controlled the ball in the Warrior's end for most the game. The Lady Knight's also defeated the Lakeland Eagles 5-0 to complete a great week.

Shooting in dark conditions

Since the off season here in Michigan consists mostly of snow and rain, it forces most sports indoors. Thus the shooting in dark conditions. The photo below is typical of the kinds of shots when you are shooting indoors in domes. This is straight out of camera.


This was shot at f2.8, shutter speed 1/800, and ISO 8000. The image is very dark and grainy due to having to shoot at ISO 8000. Because the lighting is so poor in these domes you have to bump the ISO so high to get the action to freeze. After applying to changes to the photo, mostly noise reduction, the image slightly better.

The image is brighter and you don't see as much noise in the darker areas of the photo. You see it mostly in the highlights in the face and arms. 

This it the reason I am thankful for warm weather, getting to shoot outdoors under sunnier conditions and better lighting.

Off Season

We are in the middle of February and the temperature being 60 degrees, has got me thinking of shooting soccer. As winter is coming to a close, the area soccer teams are beginning to have tryouts and beginning preseason workouts. I am looking forward to getting on the sidelines of the pitch and start shooting soccer. It doesn't matter if it is high school girls soccer or semi-pro team.

Last year, I got to witness the Michigan Bucks championship season. I started following this team after they played Detroit City FC in the US Open Cup.

The Bucks went on to win the PDL Championship by beating the Calgary Foothills 3-2 on a penalty kick by Russell Cicerone. 

Russell Cicerone scores game winning goal on a penalty kick from the spot and celabrates with his teammates! 

Russell Cicerone scores game winning goal on a penalty kick from the spot and celabrates with his teammates! 

I am looking forward to following the Bucks this season and all of the other Southeast Michigan teams.