Shooting in dark conditions

Since the off season here in Michigan consists mostly of snow and rain, it forces most sports indoors. Thus the shooting in dark conditions. The photo below is typical of the kinds of shots when you are shooting indoors in domes. This is straight out of camera.


This was shot at f2.8, shutter speed 1/800, and ISO 8000. The image is very dark and grainy due to having to shoot at ISO 8000. Because the lighting is so poor in these domes you have to bump the ISO so high to get the action to freeze. After applying to changes to the photo, mostly noise reduction, the image slightly better.

The image is brighter and you don't see as much noise in the darker areas of the photo. You see it mostly in the highlights in the face and arms. 

This it the reason I am thankful for warm weather, getting to shoot outdoors under sunnier conditions and better lighting.